Delaware Interfaith Power and Light


Meet Marvin Hagwood, DeIPL Communications Intern

  By Lisa Locke, Director of Programs

I first met Marvin on Earth Day last year at their campus celebration. Our Earth Care display got Marvin’s attention. Shortly after that meeting, we signed him on as our Communications intern and he has been working with us ever since.

Marvin is close to finishing his senior year and graduating with a degree in Communications.  His work has included website design, program surveys, resource development, and social media. A key role has been assisting with planning and facilitation of our Climate Conversations program, most recently exploring inter-campus initiatives.  I asked Marvin to share a bit about his experiences with us.

Lisa:  Would you share some highlights from your time working with DeIPL?

Marvin:  I am honored to have the opportunity to gain more information on climate change and climate action. With the help of the DeIPL team, I have been introduced to many new faces and ideas, as well as been able to attend a number of events. I like being surrounded by individuals who are committed to bettering our world, step-by-step. Coming into the internship, I had already obtained overall communication skills. During my time with DeIPL, I have been able to put them into practice around issues of climate and environment.

L:  Have your perceptions changed since you started?

M:  Yes! This has allowed me to understand various aspects of climate change and how it affects, and is viewed by, different people in different ways. Our world is affected by everything we do as individuals and in community, and it is important to take heed and live accordingly. Processes like energy efficiency, renewable energy, recycling, and waste management are very effective and I have been able to add these things into my own lifestyle. Hearing different ideas and experiences from others, specifically as part of the Climate Conversations, as well as noticing changes in our environment, has influenced me in a positive manner.

L:  What do you most enjoy about your internship?

M: Definitely the conversations with other members and partners. It’s great to share ideas on new ways to make an impact, and work towards executing them.

L:  What has been most challenging/satisfying?

M:  The most challenging and most satisfying things happen to be one and the same…which is convincing/educating others about the state of our planet and that climate change is REAL.

L:  What have you found most surprising?

M:  That a leading solution to reducing greenhouse gases is being more mindful of the food we waste everyday; that something so intimate can have such a large global impact.

L:  What has been most worrisome? 

M:  That our society, young and old, will not take heed of the evident changes in our climate and not take action quickly and efficiently enough.

L:  What has been most hopeful?

M:  Opportunity. With technology increasing and more people being educated there is more opportunity for people to conjure up new ideas and new actions to help our world.

Marvin’s closing thought:  An educated society is a society of opportunity and hope.