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Yainni Gilmer

Posted on June 19, 2022 at 6:30 pm

Yainni Gilmer

Every species known to Earth is threatened by the natural environment and consequences of our own actions. Environmental injustice is the act of placing organisms in harm’s way or an act of unfair treatment. Some of the common cases of Environmental injustice are discrimination against races, overhunting of animals, climate change, global warming and pollution. There needs to be more people willing to help discontinue these cases before they get worse. This will increase the chance of getting rid of these environmental and societal problems. 

Animals are a major factor in our lives, yet hunters and everyday people are taking advantage of their worth. Situations such as overfishing, polluting, hunting, and rapid temperature changes are stressing out all living organisms. Hunting has become excessive to the point of species of animals are becoming extinct or endangered. Wolves are an example of this, grey wolves were announced endangered in late 2021. These animals have been exiled from their homes and left to endlessly search for shelter and food. Given the opportunity, the animals attack farmers cattle which is not good, but historians put this on everyone living today. 

Delaware has few underlying problems that others put on the citizens of the state. Being on the east coast of the United States gives direct fire to other states and countries. New Jersey is one of the states that impacts every person that lives in Delaware. The power plant workers in the state dump all the exhaust and pollutants in the Delaware River which causes the river to be uninhabitable. All the fish that are supposed to be there have either died or mutated.

Climate change is another problem Delaware is facing. This is affecting more than just the weather and melting the polar ice caps. The mosquito population is increasing as the days go by and there will be an influx of Zika risks as the summer goes on. There will be more heat waves that will affect the sick, people with health issues, plants, animals and more. The sea level is elevating so there is a risk of various floods in certain areas of Delaware. These will escalate to more dangerous levels sooner than later.

Imagine a clock ticking down slowly by the day as every person anxiously awaits the last tick. That anxiousness and anticipation is why we should take action now. The Earth is visibly warmer than a few years ago. There are many trying to help this process slow to the point the Earth is back on track. No progress has been enough to even slightly slow this. This is why influencers and celebrities are teaming up with different companies to stop climate change and pollution. There are ways the average person and companies could help, such as picking up trash, planting different plants, turning off the lights and using solar panels.

The government has a massive impact in changing the occurring events. Currently they are not doing anything about these issues that have a big impact. They should be more concerned about the safety and wellbeing of the people they serve. They are in charge of the factories that burn fossil fuels, the dumps where trash is thrown, actions scientifically proven to destroy the environment. The need for the companies to start creating more healthy resources that can become renewable. 

There are multiple problems that need to be fixed. This need for bigger action and precaution is what will save all of us. Putting our differences aside and working together will make the world a better place for everyone. Environmental justice should be a defining element of climate activism in Delaware so it can continuously show that fair treatment is the only way there will positive change everywhere.


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