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Wendy Santana Medina

Newark High School

A Web of Wonders


In this world, everything connects through what is known as the web of life. Everything has its place and activities. Life is reborn through a cycle, like predators and prey co-existing in an ecosystem. My place in the web of life allows me to observe the beauty of how life manages to thrive in any condition. I recognize how many other living organisms struggle to survive yet emerge unscathed. It is surprising and fascinating how ecosystems work. The sense of connectedness I feel in the web of life is appreciation and protectiveness. The reason is that it always gifts us what we need without asking for anything in return. Trees give us breathable air, and groundwater deposits renew the water we need to survive. And yet, some of us don’t have the same care and empathy towards nature. Some people only take and don’t appreciate the unseen hard work it takes for a tree to create a single apple. The deep connectedness does not reach them, and carelessness continues to pollute the environment. 

Some people negatively affect the natural environment by littering the streets or by increasing fossil fuel emissions in the atmosphere. The Earth and what it contains cannot speak with words, but we’ve come to understand its behavior through many years of study. The magnificent places in nature and the memorable experiences I’ve had motivate me to protect them. My sense of connectedness in my life and community drives me to inform others about the wonders that exist in our world that are extraordinary and beautiful. Places such as The Grand Canyon, the highpeaked mountains in Hawaii, and cherry blossoms in full bloom in Japan, are only a fraction of the euphoria someone can experience. A recent trip to a waterfall in Santa Ana, the small town of Tenancingo de Degollado in Mexico, helped me connect further with nature. A beautiful secluded waterfall in a forest, almost as if you stepped into a magical haven when rainbow rings form around the water under the waterfall. 

Innovative technology created for entertainment is produced constantly, but can someone feel at peace in a room full of machines for twenty-four hours every day instead of appreciating the beauty of what lies outside their window? The natural world cannot protect itself from the danger of pollution and disturbances by society or from recovering from natural disasters. We can help the environment and everything part of it by protecting and preserving what still exists. If people cannot take action themselves, supporting people working towards preserving nature is better than not acting. Scientists and different individuals continuously research ways to protect the environment and humanity. It demonstrates the importance of connectedness. Recognizing their hard work inspires me to contribute to the care for the planet and environment. I want to share the same experiences and determination with others. Inspiring others to do the same can make a difference for the better. The web of life connects us all, and witnessing how coming together can bring significant changes in the world. Realizing our place in the web of life can reveal new perspectives. It makes us recognize that we can move others to care and find the same connectedness deep within us, to protect what we have now for a better future.