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Veronica Sanchez-Wright

Posted on June 10, 2022 at 2:43 pm

Veronica Sanchez-Wright

The youth of the twenty first century bring hopeful change to important aspects of our world and society. With new generations comes new unique thinking about old customs that need change. New generations have access to new technology the opens their minds to knowledge and social media. With social media influence the youth can form opinions earlier in life and navigate ways to push for change. This makes the youth perfect people to stand up and send a bold message. Youth have the ability to bring about change and stop climate change due to many factors.

The youth become perfect candidates for promoting change due to how young they are and how much drive they have. New generations are born to form opinions and become better, smarter, and more bold members of our society. They are taught to stand up for themselves and others that face challenges in life. These qualities that the youth adapt make them the people that strive for change. The youth form new outlets to get their opinion to others and influence others to have an opinion like their own. The qualities that the youth are brought up with make them the people you want to strive for change in todays society.   

The driven youth stop for nothing when they see change that can positively impact themselves and others. Additionally, the youth have their own future to look out for. Part of the drive that the youth has comes from uncertainty and partial selfishness. This uncertainty comes from the future that is unknown. They have the power to dictate their own future and help make that future good for themselves which makes partial selfishness a positive. They see the importance in acting now and having rewards in the future. With climate change there is no time to spare and the action that needs to be taken has to be taken now before it is to late. The youth understand this need for action immediately because, with no action comes no change. If there is no change then their future is impacted negatively leaving them with lower quality of life. Youth strive for a good future for themselves and are willing to take the steps necessary to ensure that their future is positive. 

Next, youth have forms of technology that make access to information easy. New generations have new and better outlets for knowledge and they use these outlets to their advantage. They like to learn new things about what is happening in todays society and influence others to help with issues that are at hand. Social media makes the ability to talk about issues like climate change very easy. Posts can be shared about how climate change is affecting us and others around the world. Again, posts can be shared about what we can do to take a step forward and help decrease the rate which climate change is accelerating at. These posts can be shared with millions of people making it easier for change to happen now. Not only can social media help spread the word about change but it can be the change itself. These posts about reducing climate change can reach government officials and encourage them to do more about reducing climate change. The youth and their access to technology helps influence others in a positive way and reaches out to people who can help contain and stop the problem at hand. 

The youth of today have already seen how their voices can help bring change. In recent years there have been many tragedies that have occurred in today’s society. These can be looked at as examples of the change that can happen because of the youth. When tragedy has struck the youth have taken action by protesting, encouraging others to protest, writing petitions, creating video’s and information graphics on social media, and reaching out to local government officials. By doing all these things the youth has gathered the attention of the government and encouraged them to create new protocols and bills regarding different issues. The youth of today have experienced a lot throughout the years and will stand up for what they believe in. The youth has seen first had what change can bring and how they can use this to help stop climate change. The youth has seen during the pandemic when the world was shut down, how well the Earth responded. While everyone was home bound the Earth thrived. The global temperature lowered, coral reefs stated healing, and the rate of pollution significantly decreased. With this glimpse of hope the youth now know that change is possible and it needs to happen now. 

With all these different variables they will create the change by using the outlets they know work. As stated before, they will use these resources to make a bold statement that will stick. The youth wont back down until they know change will occur. The message that will come across to state and local decision makers is that the youth will persist until they see the change themselves. Once the youth take a stance there wont be a second where they aren’t fighting for the change. This will make a long impression on local and state officials. The message that they need to act now and stop procrastinating on the Earth’s health. This impression will hopefully push them into making the right decisions for the youth. If not, they will deal with all the forms of the youth advocating for the change that needs to happen. Only when they see the change that is in their favor will they back down from the fight for their future and the worlds future with climate change.   

To conclude, youth have the ability to bring about change and stop climate change due to many factors. These factors are qualities they are brought up with, forming their own strong opinion and helping other form their own opinion, looking out for their own future, using social media outlets, prior experiences with events that the youth has taken as example, and reaching out to government officials. With these factors the youth will send a bold message and help stop climate change. The local and state official’s need to thrive off of the energy that the youth is creating in today’s society. The youth fight for what they care about and climate change is one of those things. Together they can create the change that needs to be seen in order to stop climate change. I believe that with the youth of today the Earth will heal and climate change will stop. 


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