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Sylvia Ibrahium

Caesar Rodney High School, 11th grade

2024 RENEW essay contest Honorable Mention


The Forest and The Cloud

“Where are the trees?”

Lost in a forest shrouded in doubt.

Black smoke fills the air, choking his breath

He longs for the green, for life, for death.

He wanders through the haze, searching in vain

For a glimpse of the tall trees again.

But all he sees is the smoke, swirling around,

a blanket of darkness, engulfing the ground.

Where is the deer, he calls into the bleak?

No answer comes, just the sound of his feet

crunching on the charred earth below,

where once the grass would grow.

He remembers the days of old, when the forest was alive,

with the sound of birds and the rustling of leaves outside.

But now, all that remains is the smoke, suffocating.

A reminder of the destruction, devastating.

He falls to his knees, tears in his eyes.

He watches the forest die.

The black smoke will swallow it whole.

And all that will be left is a desolate hole.

“Where are the trees?” he whispers in despair.

There is no answer, just the smoke in the air.

And as he watches the last of the green disappear…

He knows that the end is near.

Healthy body. Healthy community. Healthy ecosystem. 

My grandfather named me Sylvia, which goes back to the latin origins of “wood” or “forest.” 

Ever since I was little, my grandfather would wake me up and ask me to go on a walk with him. As we slowly became surrounded by trees, he would sit down and tell me to go find something new. Although I knew he was watching for me, I always pretended to be alone, and started walking ahead. The wind blew, the smell of wet grass hit me in the face, the trees stretched out into the blue sky for miles. 

    –     “The trees are here.” 

In the intricate tapestry of life, every thread is woven with precision, connecting the essence of all beings into a harmonious symphony of existence. The web of life. The trees, the smell of the grass, the sunlight, the wind, the sounds of the rivers. Their delicate balances and intricate patterns, evokes a sense of wonder and reverence that inspires me to protect and nurture it for generations to come.

From the rhythmic dance of the forest to the whisper of the oceans where I like to reside. Each living being, from the tiniest ant to the green grass, all the way to the towering oak, play a vital role in the harmonious orchestra of life. This is what connects those of earth. 

Everyone has a place. Everyone is a part of the land. Hence, we must protect what is of us. But, why is the land being swallowed whole? Why are we losing what connects us? Why is the already momentous black fog getting bigger? Where is my land? I detest the fog.

The fog comes from global warming. The longer we wait, the bigger the fog grows. Fires break out in the forests, they burn, the fog rises, offspring of the land die out. 

Although many acknowledge the existence of the fog, many more decide on an apathetic approach. Even as I am writing this right now, the fog is watching and it will not cease, not now or ever. Therefore, it has become necessary for the stewards and champions of Earth to emerge. They come not for themselves, but for the offspring of the land. What will become of the future generations if such a fog continues to grow? 

The urgency of our times demands action, and it is up to each one of us to be stewards of the Earth. We have to become champions of change. By adopting eco-friendly habits, supporting conservation efforts, and raising awareness about environmental issues, we can make a tangible difference in the health of our planet. Small actions, when multiplied by millions, can lead to significant outcomes, ensuring a brighter future for generations to come. Tell them of the fog. 

As more and more become aware of the enemy that desires to swallow the land, more will become champions. It is my fervent belief that even one more individual, would make a significant change. In the grand web of life, we are but a mere thread, yet our actions have the power to weave the pattern of life. Together, we can preserve the web of life for generations to come and ensure that the wonder and magic of the natural world endure.

I for one, will tell everyone, just as I am telling you of the fog. For in the end, awareness of the enemy is pivotal to defeating it. 

    –     “Where are the trees?” 

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