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Sustaining Donor

What Is a Sustaining Donor?

A Sustaining Donor is an individual who pledges a monthly gift to DeIPL. The monthly donation is collected electronically from the donor’s credit card each month. A donor always has the opportunity to change his/her pledge at any time.

Why Should I Become a Sustaining Donor?

It’s Good for DeIPL :

  • Monthly donations enable DeIPL to strategically plan its budget. It’s like a family knowing how much it can spend each month because it knows how much they will bring home each week in their paycheck.
  • Sustaining donations enable DeIPL to provide resources to congregations, broaden our outreach and climate advocacy work all year long.
  • Monthly giving enables DeIPL to remain nimble and responsive to needs as they arise during the year, whether the need to launch a new advocacy campaign or the need to ramp up services for the community it serves.
It’s Good for you :
  • It’s convenient. DeIPL makes it seamless and easy, and you’ll receive fewer asks and more updates throughout the year.
  • Every dollar you give goes further. Because PHAN can do less outreach to solicit donations throughout the year, that enables the organization to put more of its donor dollars into direct services.

What if I Have Questions?

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