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Sacred Grounds

A program of the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), Sacred Grounds “recognizes faith communities who both create wildlife habitat and actively link faith practices and caring for the environment.” From air and water quality, to human and ecosystem health, to economic stability and environmental justice, this project offers an integrated pathway toward a better quality of life.

With faith communities as the anchors, we have visions of cultivating native wildlife habitats, pollinator gardens, meditative spaces, outdoor play spaces, educational infrastructure, a sense of place; of caring for the environment - and each other - within the religious institutional settings and expanding that initiative out into the neighborhoods, engaging residents and businesses.


With support of a Fish & Wildlife Foundation grant, over a two-years period, DeIPL, Delaware Nature Society, Delaware Center for Horticulture, and NWF will assist more than 20 congregations in Wilmington in becoming certified Sacred Grounds sites. Congregations will install pollinator gardens to increase wildlife habitat, address stormwater management, engage their communities around environmental stewardship, improve opportunities for community access to and recreation in nature, and improve water quality in the Delaware River Watershed.