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Riya Sharma

Posted on June 15, 2022 at 12:15 am

Riya Sharma

Who are you with while experiencing the beauty of nature? I am sure it is most likely your loved ones whom you are trying to strengthen your relationships with. Nature helps you weave enchanting moments in your life with your best friends or special family members. While it benefits in successfully building personal relationships, you do not realize how much of an important relationship you have with nature itself. The natural world provides us with multiple types of situations, moods, and ambiances. We all have experienced different types of situations within nature with our loved ones that awaken contrasting emotions. Depending on our surroundings, we are able to feel accordingly toward the people we are with. The fresh and calming atmosphere of a summer breeze can help you to make a connection with a new friend. On the other hand, an unexpected gloomy rainstorm can cause an argument between you and an old beloved.

Unintentionally, mother nature can affect our personal relationships in so many ways. Think about a time when you experienced great happiness with someone outside. I have lived in Delaware with my family for my entire life. Personally, summer was a time to make new connections and strengthen older ones. For as long as I can remember, I have always had unique relationships with neighbors. The warm climate consistently brought everyone out of their homes and into their yards filled with decorations, gardens, and plants. This led to warm interactions and communication between everyone as well. Each year, we got to learn more about each other. Although, my mom was especially passionate about gardening in my family. The natural features of gardening are absolutely beautiful. Every summer to date, my mom and I have seen the “web of life” right before our eyes in Delaware. Visualizing the same seeds that my mom placed in my hands which I then set in the soil, growing into delightful flowers and vegetables, brightened our lives and relationship. The process was the same every year, but the conversations were different. I would have lovely times talking and joking with my best friend, my mom, who was the person that awakened my interest in gardening. I realized that this is just not a hobby, it is a beneficial activity for your relationships and association with nature.

Without this amazing feature of earth, nature, no one would be able to experience the “web of life” or even nourish their own lives with healthy relationships. The same vegetables that grew with the help of our hard work, brought their way into breakfast, lunch, and dinner to help bring more connections from nature to my whole family. In spite of the fact that nature is beneficial for our emotions, the “web of life” has one rule that no one finds pleasure from – nothing is permanent” Nature can cause small or major changes in our lives which then lead to multiple types of reactions. When something or someone is taken away from us naturally, it can be heartbreaking since nobody can change what nature wants.


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