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Honorable Mention 2024

Runyi Liu

Newark Charter School, 12th grade 2024 RENEW essay contest Honorable Mention Rolling in the Mud “Dress as if you were going to roll in the mud with a dozen little piglets.” Those were my instructions for the National Youth Science Camp (NYSC), which for the past fifty years, has invited
Honorable Mention 2024

Nathaniel Stenseth

Caesar Rodney High School, 12th grade 2024 RENEW essay contest Honorable Mention “Much That Once Was Is Lost” (quote from Lord of the Rings) For centuries, humanity lived in a steady equilibrium with the natural world. Since the Industrial Revolution, however, man has increasingly sought to exert control over nature’s
Honorable Mention 2024

Kaitlyn Mayer

Cab Calloway School of the Arts, 12th grade 2024 RENEW essay contest Honorable Mention In the fabric of existence, nature weaves a profound and intricate web of life—a delicate balance that sustains the health of our bodies, communities, and ecosystems. From the whisper of the wind through the trees to
Honorable Mention 2024

Dylan A. DeMoe

Smyrna High School, 11th grade 2024 RENEW essay contest Honorable Mention Life, Love and My First Experiences with Death Marigold          As I recollect my childhood, and come closer to the end of mine, I find that my younger self was consistently obsessed with plants. As my family re-mulched just
Renew 2024

Jude Damouni

Worchester Preparatory, 10th grade (DE resident) Youth Action on Climate Change Climate change has been posing a threat to our planet since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. It has far reaching consequences on our society, the economy, and, most importantly, the environment. Young people play a very significant role
Renew 2024

Gabriella Damouni

Worcester Preparatory School, 9th grade Differences We Can Make for the World I can change the world. I can help change it. One person can change a lot in their community, and it can be the simplest of things. Getting the Earth to become what it used to be environmentally,