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Honorable Mention

Haasini Potluri

In·jus·tice noun a situation in which the rights of a person or a group of people are ignored. Ignored and unseen. Decimated by the impacts of climate change. Unable to escape the harms that are perpetuated
Honorable Mention

Anaum Allimulla

With the cursor of my mouse hovering over the “Leave Meeting” button, my thoughts turn to reflection on the past nine months. Once I hit the button, the screen goes dark, and I stare back at
Honorable Mention

Ayomipo Adeojo

My mom suggested my brother and I go for a walk one afternoon. She claimed it was a beautiful day outside, with the sunshine enveloping houses and trees that went by. Trying to list every possible
Honorable Mention

Kourtney Warren

When most people think of the effects of climate change, global warming, and pollution, they only consider the damage that it does to our Earth and to other species. This concern for these victims is completely
Renew 2023

Danielle Keenan

The youth in the world and more specifically in Delaware have been put in the position to advocate and take action to prevent climate change. The United Nations describes climate change and its causes as
Renew 2023

Danielle Walters

I watched the ventilator machine carefully whir beside my cousin’s bed and realized how her health condition was a product of the polluted environment we created. I propped myself by her bedside, carefully readjusting the mask