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First Prize

Raina Lakhani

There is nothing in this world so inscrutable or evanescent, yet so instrumental as life itself. The sole attribute that sets Earth apart from any other celestial body in our solar system is the fact that
Second Prize

Sudipa Chowdhury

Running along the beach and escaping the grasp of the waves as they hit the sand was undoubtedly the highlight of my summers as a kid. We somehow always ended up going on a cloudy day,
Third Prize

Sidrisha Sarbajna

Just in my eighteen years, I have seen significant changes to our climate at home in Delaware, witnessing Christmases go from white to green and our backyard evergreens wilting in the hot August sun.
Honorable Mention

Kaitlyn Mayer

Cab Calloway School of the Arts Youth Climate Action             We are the youth, we are the future, and we need to advocate for change. Climate change is real and is here. As its impact
Honorable Mention

William Dorsch

In a world with a rapidly changing climate, many companies are attempting to reduce their carbon footprint. One way to reduce this footprint is to have their goods transported primarily by trains, instead
Honorable Mention

Jon Dong

Behind the small, quaint restaurant my parents owned for many years laid the entrance to a marvelously enchanting world.  A world that danced to its own rhythm, and pranced to its own beat.