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Raymond Chen

Appoquinimink High School

Environmental Justice 



Why should people care about the environment? It doesn’t affect many anyway. Individuals might think the deepest place on Earth, measuring 36,000, is barren and untouched by humans. In spite, there is a plastic bag floating around at the bottom of the Mariana Trench: “A recent study revealed that a plastic bag, like the kind given away at grocery stores, is now the deepest known piece of plastic trash,” (Gibbens, ¶2). Sadly, more often than not, others reap the unfortunate consequences caused by those who are responsible. Life is suffering due to the exploitation of our only home- more often than not- for paper printed with value.

Many individuals feel the negative impacts of the growing climate crisis- especially those in poorer regions of the world; however, those liable do not reap the implication. The Environmental Protection Agency analysis: “shows that the most severe harms from climate change fall disproportionately upon underserved communities who are least able to prepare for [the effects caused by climate change],” (EPA, ¶1). Even though you may not suffer the effects caused by the progressive warming of Earth, everyone will eventually be affected. Many times, individuals are making choices benefiting themselves in the short term. Now more than ever, it’s time to step up. There are many ways to help the environment- all of which will benefit you.

Life suffers from the extensive and intensifying climate crisis. In addition to humans suffering from health and disasters, organisms such as polar bears, elephants, and penguins are losing their habitat due to one sole cause: Climate Change. Future generations might not be able to enjoy the beautiful species in nature worth discovering, but we can change that.

Preventing environmental injustice from happening in Delaware might seem like a big task. However, planting trees, spreading awareness, not wasting food, sustainable purchasing, and – not asking for a plastic bag – can add up. Simple tasks such as changing up your diet can save lives. Many simple ways exist to slow down the continued warming of our climate. These individual actions can be substantial. Nevertheless, collective group action can leave an even bigger footprint. Ever thought about creating a club? What about a Climate Change club? Youth can accomplish many things- raising money, spreading awareness (on a larger scale), and scheduling fun trips (such as helping plant trees)!

Although environmental injustice exists, it does not have to. The people of Delaware can do plenty of things to help bring justice due to Climate Change. Individually- we can make a vast difference; collectively- we can change the world. Future generations are depending on you to step up. 


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