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Prachi Patel

Sussex Academy, 9th grade

Taking Initiative

As a young person, I think teenagers in Delaware have a special responsibility to address environmental issues and fight for a brighter future. We possess the zeal, determination, and novel insights necessary to create real change. 

I can increase awareness of environmental issues among instructors and students at my school by planning activities and events that center on them. For instance, I may work with other students to organize workshops, assemblies, or awareness campaigns emphasizing the value of environmental stewardship and the effects of climate change. These gatherings could feature talks, debates, and guest lecturers to interest and instruct teachers and students. In these lectures, students can learn how to sustain energy in their own homes. 

Furthermore, social media can be used to bring awareness about the problems. I could establish a blog to discuss my thoughts and experiences on environmental concerns, or write educational pieces and share pertinent material. Greta Thunberg can use her large following to influence and inform the public about climate justice. I can reach a larger audience and promote conversations about environmental justice and sustainability in my school community by using these digital channels. 

Implementing sustainable practices inside the school is another powerful strategy for increasing awareness. For example, I could suggest that recycling programs be put into place, so that people utilize reusable items more often, along with conserving Earth’s resources. Teachers can begin to use online resources and websites rather than printing worksheets or packets for students. By leading the change to improve our school’s environmental consciousness, I may encourage others to do the same and foster a sustainable culture. 

In addition, I can work with educators to integrate environmental themes into student’s everyday classes, by providing lessons on topics such as biodiversity, climate change, and sustainable practices. I can make sure that environmental education is incorporated into our curriculum. This can encourage kids to take action by empowering them to see the significance of environmental challenges. 

I can significantly contribute to increasing awareness of environmental issues at my school as a young Delaware resident. I can encourage people to take action by arranging events, making use of social media platforms, advocating for sustainable behaviors, and working with educators to create an environment-conscious culture. By working together, we can improve our prospects and build a more sustainable Delaware. 


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