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Our Staff

Aaron Sharp

Executive Director

“Aaron Sharp grew up and comes to us from Stillwater, Oklahoma. It was there where he developed his interest in nature and environmental justice. He brings his passion for climate activism to Delaware, where he has worked and volunteered for multiple environmental organizations since he moved to the state in 2017. With a firm belief in the collective power of faith communities, Aaron is excited to lead an organization with a strong record of creating meaningful change in the lives of Delawareans.”

Aaron Sharp
Executive Director
302 703 7086

Gerald Stratford

Rev. Dr. Jeanne Boardman

DeIPL Regional Director for southern Delaware

Interfaith ordained, Rev. Dr. Jeanne Boardman comes to DeIPL with the conviction that when we love the Lord with all our heart, strength, soul, and mind; when we love our neighbor as ourself; when we align with the Good and live in Truth, cherishing all living beings with Loving Compassion and Benevolence, we radiate kindness, have clarity of vision and live in greater peace and harmony.

Living with a vital, conscious realization of our oneness with That Power of Infinite Life, she marvels at the intricate workings of all that is created - from the smallest aspect of an atom to the vast wonders of the Universe, appreciating the beautiful diversity of a species and the complex systems that support us all.

Inspired by a belief that we are the ones born to be Human with a conscience and consciousness that can discern that which is good and life-affirming and that which is not, she believes we are the ones born to choose. Supplanting ignorance with wisdom, falsehood with truth, stiff-necked, hard-heartedness with compassionate love and understanding, we can choose to live with integrity, love and respect for all life. We can help repair the brokenness we see around us by choosing to be merciful, compassionate, humble and just. We can be Light-bearers to the world by choosing to love all lives as our own. We can choose life.

As members of the Human family born to manifest the Divine in and on Earth, who can understand the essence in all that is created and the relationship of the individual to the whole, is it any wonder that we are the ones called to be good stewards of all creation?

Living in awe and reverence, she sees life as a gift. Her work, time with family and friends, walking, biking, canoeing and camping, appreciating the beauty of natural vistas and the sacred, bountiful gifts of a seed, serving and working with heart and hands and learning something new every day give great joy.