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Mariam Patel

Posted on June 19, 2022 at 6:32 pm

Mariam Patel

To me the term environmental justice means that the issues concerning our planet and the environment around us are being properly handled and dealt with the way they should be. It means that there is a lot of effort being put into making sure the environment we live in is a safe place for us to be in. The idea of environmental justice should also surround the concept of the equal contribution of all people, no matter what, putting in their own effort to enforce the way the environment should be handled to make sure no one is at a risk in where they are. The environment a person lives in should be a healthy and secure place for them and should not have any negative effects on health, so keeping track of environmental justice is crucial to everybody. Certain examples of environmental injustice could be when a person doesn’t have proper access to nutritious and healthy food near them. The way to achieve environmental justice here would be to get people involved into making sure there is a decent amount of food being available to everyone. More examples of environmental injustice would be the lack of necessary materials, unsafe living conditions, or major pollution issues surrounding a person. The majority of these issues could be solved or have the severity of it lessened could be by getting the involvement of people and having news be spread around to get a movement to happen to ensure a safe a guarded environment for everyone. Environmental justice should be a defining element in climate activism because it is a crucial aspect of a person’s life and it plays a key role in keeping the climate a neat place. When environmental justice is achieved, it essentially can help improve the overall condition of the climate itself. Us youth can get together and raise awareness to spread the goal of environmental justice by creating groups and making sure there are tons of resources available so others can also learn about what needs to be done and get involved. It is important that many people properly educate themselves about this topic in the first place in order to know what they can do to help out. When getting together we can all support one another and create many different strategies in order to reach the goal of the environmental justice we want and need. In conclusion, environmental justice is important because it is one of the most crucial parts in keeping people as protected as possible and making the world a healthy and safe place for everyone. 


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