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Jude Damouni

Worchester Preparatory, 10th grade (DE resident)

Youth Action on Climate Change

Climate change has been posing a threat to our planet since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. It has far reaching consequences on our society, the economy, and, most importantly, the environment. Young people play a very significant role in combating climate change, advocating for solutions, pushing innovation, and creating plans to improve environmental health. Schools are where students can collaborate, learn, and achieve their goals simply through being educated. Furthermore, schools can be the starting line for students to begin generating awareness and initiating action on climate change. In Deleware, whether in the Caesar Rodney School District or the Brandywine School District, there are undoubtedly young students who are thrilled to spread climate change awareness in a variety of ways.

One way in which students are already or could possibly raise awareness to climate change is through the organization of workshops, seminars, and presentations within schools. Through these methods, students can raise awareness among each other and teachers regarding different problems within the environment and ways that they can use science, sustainability, and data to come up with solutions to those problems. These collaborative initiatives among peers serve as the basis for constructing logical action to spread awareness outside of the classroom and solutions that may be viable for solving the climate crisis.

Leadership within schools, specifically student government, is the perfect role in promoting sustainable practices. Through influential and connective positions, students advocating for the reduction of waste, conservation of energy, proper disposal of garbage, and insight into climate change and its effects on the environment can have a more significant and quicker outreach to their schools and communities. They can do this by organizing class recycling drives, advocating for sustainable transportation options, and other initiatives that allow young people to demonstrate their commitment to practical solutions that improve their daily lives.

Collaboration is absolutely vital when it comes to tackling climate change effectively. By bringing together students and teachers from various schools, we create a rich environment for brainstorming solutions to the daunting challenges posed by climate change. What’s truly important is their shared interest in making a positive impact on our climate and environment, regardless of where they come from. Whether they’re working on STEM projects together, delving into social science research, or expressing their ideas through artistic endeavors inspired by our climate, there are countless ways collaborative efforts can empower young people to think critically, solve problems, and drive change for the better.

Partnering with local organizations can also impact the extent to which climate change awareness can be spread. Partnerships like these can amplify the outreach of awareness to nearly the entirety of the community or region. The organizations could include government agencies and businesses in Deleware that are working on climate change. These partnerships also provide students with access to resources, expertise, and opportunities to have first hand engagement with their communities regarding their cause. Also, these partnerships would allow students to address environmental concerns directly, which would contribute to beneficial outcomes for the communities and the Earth. 

In today’s world, with everyone being on social media, students can utilize this tool to reach out to others locally, regionally, and globally in order to spread climate awareness. Through social media posts, students can connect with large numbers of people very quickly and easily. Students from multiple schools within Delaware can connect with each other, sharing their thoughts on climate change and what actions can be taken to stop it. They can create accounts that represent their entire school rather than just themselves and post daily or on a scheduled rhythm.

In conclusion, the role of youth in addressing climate change within Delaware schools is both pivotal and transformative. Through education, collaboration, advocacy, and innovation, young people have the power to shape a sustainable future for themselves and future generations. By harnessing their creativity, passion, and determination, youth in Delaware can lead the way toward a more resilient, equitable, and environmentally sustainable world, not just our community. It is necessary for students to begin to think about how they might contribute to spreading awareness for climate change and propose solutions that may benefit the world.

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