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Iveena Mukherjee

Charter School of Wilmington, 12th grade

This summer, as an intern for Plastic Free Delaware, I tabled at Farmer’s Markets across my small state, starting conversations about conservation with the simple phrase “Straw or sticker?” 

As I set up our tabling tent at various events and exchange stories with my table neighbors I am blown away by the cover crop approach adopted by local farmers to prevent rapid soil erosion. It makes me realize that my small state is as diverse as the cities we are centered between. Our experiences with climate change are as unique as the people we are. 

Thus, if I were to improve a single aspect of our world, it would be the affordability and accessibility of sustainable solutions. Within schools, I hope to advocate for mandatory environmental science classes, or at least electives in sustainability in each and every school. On a broader research scale, I hope to continue researching sustainable materials, and implementing them in socioeconomically-diverse communities. 

In many ways, Delaware is a reflection of my own growth and mindset. It has taught me that even in the smallest of places, there are significant stories to tell and problems to solve. Just as Delaware rises to the challenge of climate change, so do I, ready to face the future with resilience, passion, and a deep sense of responsibility for the planet we all call home. 


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