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Issabella Mann

Sussex Academy

The Importance of a Balanced Connection With Nature

Nature as I see it, is beautiful, free, peaceful, and is important to every living species. I believe nature is at no fault of its imperfections and how it is cared for seeing as people are not encouraged enough to care for their environment knowing they can. This increases the number of adolescents who are mentally and physically affected by the way the natural environment has developed. Most teenagers do not connect enough with nature leaving them unaware of the negative impact it could someday have on them. My place in helping the environment stay healthy is contributing more to natural experiences rather than virtually discussing the issue and not giving any favorable assistance. One hands-on experience I had while contributing to the environment, was volunteering in a neighborhood clean-up for a non-profit organization, Habitat For Humanity, cleaning the yards of people in poverty who are not financially or physically able. I understand the difficulties of changing from an unhealthy to a healthy environment.  As a child I had lived in poverty until I was 6, I did not experience much of a healthy environment, which developed an unstable connection between nature and myself. However, as I grew, my family and I became more financially stable, while I was in a clean and healthy environment I realized it was not the fault of the people, it was the fault of the time and money which had to be invested into cleaning for yourself and others. I know now, it does not take much to go out and help someone, hopefully, to change their view of the environment, giving one more person a reason to care for the way we treat our surroundings. Positive contributions to nature fuels my passion for protecting the environment, because if someone were to see the beauty of nature, not conceded by garbage and other negative impacts on their surroundings, they may become one of the many people who could help create a more positive living space for everyone. Another fuel to my passion for developing a cleaner environment is knowing if we do not act now. environmental injustice will only get worse, meaning we would be encouraging others to treat the environment in the same way it is heading currently. I am aware it would take a lot of effort to help future generations continue to care for their environment, seeing as it would take more than a small group to have a major change, but I know one group has the possibility of becoming the whole population, if I help future generations develop a clear understanding of the negative and positive impacts of nature, it gives me hope that our surrounding and the connection people have with nature will only increase.

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