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Idaina Pasteur

Seaford Senior High, 9th grade

Nature is what Nature is

Nature is truly mysterious and fleeting, yet it holds so much power and significance in this world. All too often in the mainstream of society, nature is defined as something beyond the human experience, rather than our experiences being fined as an embodiment of the environment around us. I think we all have that idea that being with nature or one with nature, is being peaceful or meditating under a tree but it works sometimes. However, nature is also chaos and storms. Nature is what nature is in every given moment that you experience it. It is the sum totality of every aspect and every emotional aspect of what it is to be human and the interconnection within nature. 

Connectedness with nature is a fundamental aspect of human existence that has been at the core of the human civilization of alumina. The web of life is a complex and interconnected system where all living beings are woven together. This profound interconnectedness is evident in a healthy body and a healthy community within a larger ecosystem. Our sense of our own connectedness shapes our experience of the natural world, influencing our understanding of our place in it and motivating us to protect it for future generations. 

To help further generations experience the wonder is to have others encourage children and young people to spend time in nature, whether it’s through family outings, school trips, or organized outdoor activities. By immersing ourselves in nature, I believe that anyone can witness its beauty firsthand and develop a sense of wonder. 

Nature has a way of drawing me and being connected to God. God is my inspiration for connecting with the natural world because I believe that he is the creator of the universe. God is my sense of connecting to the natural world and finding my place in it. When the breathtaking landscapes surround me, the rustling of leaves, the gentle flow of rivers, and the vibrant colors of a sunset, it is as if I am in the presence of something divine. The interactive design and harmony in nature remind me of God’s boundless creativity and wisdom. Nature, to me, is a sacred sanctuary where I can reflect, solace and feel a deep sense of spirituality. 

I believe that every person is drawn to various aspects of nature because it is how we can grasp the power and love of nature. As someone of faith, I’ve personally been blessed to find god through nature. When I spend time in nature, surrounded by the beauty of the world, the serene nature of the world brings to mind the presence of God. Last summer, my mother really wanted me to go out and find my connection through nature like she did. I began to do bible studies at home until recently I discovered the beauty of nature when I went outside and did my bible study outside. That day I went on a walk around my development that is very peaceful and beautiful. I was listening to the sermon of the day and all of a sudden it had stopped and was not working. I kept walking until I found a bench that I took a seat on. I closed my eyes and listened to the quiet sounds of the natural world. There were whispers of God’s love and presence all around me, including the sound of chirping birds, rustling leaves, and a light breeze. Psalm 46:10, which says “be still and know that I am god,” came to mind. Before my sermon had stopped the preacher was talking about that same verse. At that same moment, I realized it was God talking to me. I felt a deep connection with God through the beauty and tranquility of nature. It was as if the world around me was a living testament to His power, creativity, and love. I thanked God for the gift of nature and the experience of His presence in such a tangible way. I realized that being surrounded by nature was the only thing that I found peaceful. Being surrounded by God’s creation is the one thing that gives me genuine peace of mind and it is almost like I can feel his presence through the wind and that he is constantly letting me know that everything will be fine. God’s creation is evident in the nature around us. God’s beauty is what matters to me which is what fuels my motivation to protect God’s beautiful creation around us. I believe that Nature is what you believe once you find that connection with yourself within nature in the natural world.

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