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Gabby Guerke

Ursuline Academy, 12th grade

I can play a unique role in framing the challenge of climate change by creating innovative solutions and collaboratively advocating for the future of the environment in Delaware. 

I have a passion for sustainability. It all began when my friend and I passionately started a Green Team at my middle school where we turned off lights and did other resource-saving tasks on campus to ensure we save as much water and energy as we could. From there, my interest in sustainable practices has been motivated by the people around me. Many of my friends over the years have taken an interest in the marine and terrestrial environment, and when I am around them, they encourage me to subconsciously think about helping the world. For example, service is a hallmark of my relationship with one of my closest friends. We do food drives together and collect donations from peoples doorsteps from all over our community. We volunteer at neighborhood events, and we often find ourselves in our local park picking up trash. Since middle school, learning about how one individual can make an impact on the world has fascinated me. I’m eager to continue my dedication to supporting the Earth, and especially Delaware, for the rest of my life.

In my future world, I will be making an impact. Coupling my love for studying the globe and saving the environment, I want to create an active organization that applies sustainable knowledge to make positive changes in worldwide environmental management. For example, in my AP Capstone: Seminar class, I fervorously defended my research project on how resilient indigenous knowledge on sustainability can be applied to Dubai’s unsustainable practices (such as artificial islands). My goal is to turn this project into something real, that I actively implement in my local community. For example, spread awareness of the destructive process of construction that has become rapidly widespread in the state of Delaware. I want to advocate for the natural environments that are being destroyed and commercialized to promote a healthier state.

Alternatively, I would work with an organization such as the United Nations, so I can have a platform to connect with places (starting with Delaware) struggling to mitigate their environmental dilemmas to plan out future systems so that the ecosystem’s resources are successfully managed and protected. I value making meaningful differences in this rapidly changing world, which I am driven to do faithfully in my life’s work.

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