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Frank Hanson

Conrad Schools of Science

Youth Climate Action

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always dreamed of being a marine biologist and caring for our environment. Environmental justice is super important to me. In the past few summers, I got to work with NOAA and UD on studying the movement of American shad, a fish that starts in freshwater and lives in the ocean as an adult. We were worried that a dam in the Brandywine River would stop them from spawning. So, we worked hard to get the dam removed and checked how many juvenile shad we could find. It turns out, there were a lot more of them after the dam was gone. When I was 14, I even gave a presentation to important people in wildlife conservation, like NOAA members, UD professors, and state officials. I talked about getting more young people involved in protecting our environment. That experience made me realize how much I care about environmental justice and getting youth to join in.

Climate change is a huge threat to our planet. But guess what? We, as young people, can do something about it! We have fresh ideas, creative thinking, and a big stake in our own future. In Delaware, we can make a difference by raising awareness about climate change, adopting ecofriendly habits, and pushing for change in our communities. We can organize cool events, like climate strikes, and use social media to spread the word. Let’s make sure our voices are heard by the people in charge so they take our concerns seriously.

Not everyone is affected the same way by environmental problems. Usually, it’s the people who are already struggling that suffer the most. It’s unfair because they’re not the ones causing the issues. I’ve seen this happen in my own community, with polluted water so people are not allowed to do recreational activities. We, as the upcoming generation, need to stand up for environmental justice. We can start by learning about the problems and sharing that knowledge with others. We need to organize clean-up projects, support groups fighting for justice, and demand that everyone has access to clean resources access to fun in green spaces.

Nature is beautiful, and everything is connected. It’s amazing how everything works together. This sense of connection has made me want to protect our planet even more. When we realize that we’re part of this big web of life, we understand how our actions can make a difference. To inspire others, we need to teach them about the environment, show them simple things they can do to help, and explain why it’s important. If we all care and take responsibility, we can make sure the planet stays beautiful and healthy for everyone.

In conclusion, my generation has the power to tackle climate change and fight for a fairer world. We have fresh ideas, passion, and a deep connection to nature. Let’s use that power to work together, raise our voices, and make a positive impact in Delaware. By getting involved, spreading awareness, and taking action, we can create a greener and more just future for ourselves and future generations. It’s time for us to step up, make a change, and protect our planet. Together, we can do it!