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Faith Efficiency Quickstart

DeIPL partners with Energize Delaware to administer an energy audit, remediation and education program geared to faith communities throughout the state.

Our shared goal is to empower religious institutions and their individual members to adopt creative, effective and affordable energy conservation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy strategies.

Helping Houses of Worship Save Money and Energy

Religious institutions are offered a comprehensive energy audit,with 90% of the cost being covered by the Energize Delaware. Due to increased financial strains as a result of COVID-19, 100% of that cost will be covered through June of 2022.

DeIPL coordinates the process, offering consultation on repair and upgrade strategies and available financial incentives to the religious institution, as well as home energy and Earth Care resources to its members and the broader community it serves.


DeIPL is able to offer an additional service: design and establishment of an Earth Care Display and coordination of the systems to support it.

A growing number of faith communities are establishing Earth Care/ Green Teams, reflecting a shared commitment to addressing issues of energy, environment health and justice, and climate change.

These displays can be a great resource to those teams, to the larger membership and to the communities they serve.

These displays are also available to libraries around the state for a month at a time. There is no charge for this service.

If you are interested in exploring these opportunities, please contact Shweta Arya at

View a comprehensive outline of the program HERE. (Create separate page for overview)