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Faith Efficiency Quickstart

Faith Efficiencies-Quick Start (FE-QS) Program:

Delaware Interfaith Power and Light (DeIPL ) is pleased to present its Faith Efficiencies-Quick Start (FE-QS) Program to Delaware faith communities committed to enhancing their call to Earth Care/Creation Care Stewardship in ways that are both spiritually-deepening and practical in daily use.

FE-QS Program Participation Benefits:

In partnership with and fully funded by Energize Delaware (DESEU), DeIPL coordinates the FE-QS Program with a shared goal: To empower religious communities and their individual members to adopt responsive, creative, effective and affordable energy conservation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy strategies with the support of energy resources that can

  • Lower a facility's energy costs;
  • Improve building operations;
  • Increase comfort levels for staff and congregants;
  • Provide healthier environments;
  • Increase community awareness on attitudes, perspectives, habits and policies affecting EarthCare/CreationCare, climate change concerns.

FE-QS Program Details:

With one-on-one support and expert consultation, DeIPL's FE-QS Program includes:

FE-QS Program Application:

To apply, each Faith Community Applicant must:

  1. Complete the Expression of Interest form on behalf of their faith community.
  2. Meet with a DeIPL staff representative to discuss DeIPL programs, membership and areas of interest.
  3. Complete the FE-QS Application.
  4. Work with DeIPL staff to schedule each program activiity.
  5. Complete the FE-QS Seed Grant Disbursement Request
  6. Meet with DeIPL staff for a review and on-going support.

This program is fully funded by EnergizeDelaware and offered free-of-charge to Delaware faith communities participating in DeIPL's FE-QS Program. Limited in subscriptions, applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year.

Contact: For general inquiries:

In northern Delaware (New Castle county),
contact: Aaron Sharp,
Executive Director
614 216 3744

In southern Delaware (Kent and Sussex counties),
contact: Rev. Dr. Jeanne Boardman,
Regional Director for southern Delaware
302 703 7086

Delaware Interfaith Power & Light (DeIPL) is one of 40 state affiliates of Interfaith Power & Light, initiated in California in 1998. DEIPL was founded in 2011. Our shared mission is to provide a religious response to climate change through promotion of energy conservation, energy efficiency, renewable energy and environmental justice strategies.

For more information: DeIPL Overview:Our Mission, Work and Programs

For general inquiries:

Aaron Sharp
Executive Director
614 216 3744