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Ethonyne Belizaire

Capital School District, 10th grade

In fostering collaboration  for a better change in our system  that allows  grow confidence ,purposes not include in Delaware  at all but the world .The creative solutions will lead to a better understanding in life.Our atmosphere  is really impacted  by our actions ,by the way all of us treat it .Work ,in socialistic point can unite to determine  our young’s’ life.

In a simplify way,I am really someone that care about  myself in an environment at all I can define me as an example person by sharing  positive  actions and thoughts every single  day ,to be a mentor ,a reflection   everywhere  I can be especially  in my school,church and others community. That’s really a big part  four ourselves  as “Youth”.Because sometimes when we try to be different some people thing that is wrong . 

Nowadays, youth people  integrate theirselves to different activities  that not include  education or skills.

Pollution, deforestation, division,malnutrition, disappearance of certain  animals ,maltreatment Ina society where people live in a disgusting  way,where they can’t breathe some fresh air,these are the definitions of” Environmental injustices”.

I recognize  people who endured those circumstances in some way of the world. I am from in the Caribbean, Haiti ???????? there, there is a good tropical climate ,it’s sunny that sometimes the inhabitants  said :”Gade on bon ti solèy cho”.That means the sun is hot it was really funny for me usually in the vacation to enjoy this climate during beach times when admiring the landscapes.There are some kind of environmental  injustices like pollution or perhaps every  where in the ecosystem. All those are memories. 

The planet is affected by those kind of products.Each youth must let their voices hear in the society or make the first step by treating well our environment   for reference and attracting  others ,in a place where we can feel healthy and free.

Have thus connection with the nature allow me to be more productive clean ,perspective because already be in the planet I must protect it.I won’t  include myself in bad things others doing like pollution I remember a quote said”Do things that 99% of people are not doing “.At all to protect my family  ,community and I.

All the actions I can make in some part is to recycle  all plastics,protect  the trees by not cutting  them, not to hunt animals,protecting  plants ,the air ,those actions will teach others or youth people like me  and the  future generations the policies,qualities  of the ecosystem  with a better treatment and to overcome their wonders.

Include our Master of the Universe 

Jesus -Christ that will give youth strength to be active in their natuons ,to become a better person,believer and citizen.

To finish,I enjoyed to write  this essay about our climate system or clearly the earth ,that’s not only an essay  but a texture that means a lot of things because words are valuable and beneficial. 

I want to thank God for this organization  that increase young’s  thoughts and concerns and my  knowledge .

To the people that always share positive thoughts  to me especially  my brother and my dad.

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