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Renew 2023

Subiksha Srinivasan Vidya

Charter School of Wilmington A Web of Wonders   I am a single particle within this vast cosmos, a single particle that is connected to the intricate details of life and beyond. Every breath of mine becomes the wind which tells the tales of ancient Earth. The wind blows soft
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Julia Logue

Cape Henlopen High School Junior Sussex County Delaware Topic: A Web of Wonders Moving from Rural Georgia to a small beach town in Delaware, was a huge change in the nature surrounding me. From being at the lake everyday and hiking the mountains, to spending time at the beach and
Third Prize

Sidrisha Sarbajna

Sidrisha Sarbajna | RENEW 2023 Essay Contest | Topic: Youth Climate Action Just in my eighteen years, I have seen significant changes to our climate at home in Delaware, witnessing Christmases go from white to green and our backyard evergreens wilting in the hot August sun. As the topic of
Renew 2023

Alyssa Molock

Sussex Technical High School Web of Wonders Many people do not give enough credit to the planet that we call our home. Earth—the only habitable planet human beings can safely survive on, the only place where our ancestors have lived and thrived on. The only planet we can rely on.
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Danielle Walters

Environmental injustice Home-schooled I watched the ventilator machine carefully whir beside my cousin’s bed and realized how her health condition was a product of the polluted environment we created. I propped myself by her bedside, carefully readjusting the mask on her mouth, and I continued to examine the blinks and
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Frank Hanson

Conrad Schools of Science Youth Climate Action Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always dreamed of being a marine biologist and caring for our environment. Environmental justice is super important to me. In the past few summers, I got to work with NOAA and UD on studying the movement
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Raymond Chen

Appoquinimink High School Environmental Justice      Why should people care about the environment? It doesn’t affect many anyway. Individuals might think the deepest place on Earth, measuring 36,000, is barren and untouched by humans. In spite, there is a plastic bag floating around at the bottom of the Mariana
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Gary Guo

Dover High School Environmental Justice Become Part of the Solution With the growing concern about climate change and other environmental issues, there has been an increase in the environmental activism and justice movement in Delaware. Environmental activism seeks to connect citizens with the natural world to improve the environment through
Renew 2023

Siena Farka

Sussex Academy Youth Climate Action   As the population of Sussex County Delaware increases, roads are expanded, forests are cleared for development, and more people travel to vacation at their new summer homes. Urban expansion directly correlates with climate change; more housing results in a local increase in energy usage
First Prize

Raina Lakhani

Caesar Rodney High School Web of Wonders   Trees, Tornadoes, and the Global Climate There is nothing in this world so inscrutable or evanescent, yet so instrumental as life itself. The sole attribute that sets Earth apart from any other celestial body in our solar system is the fact that
Honorable Mention

Haasini Potluri

Tower Hill High School Environmental Justice In·jus·tice noun a situation in which the rights of a person or a group of people are ignored. Ignored and unseen. Decimated by the impacts of climate change. Unable to escape the harms that are perpetuated against them, the most vulnerable communities of Delaware
Renew 2023

Isabella Anderson

Caesar Rodney High School Web of Wonders   My Backyard I have been hiking across the East Coast. From Florida to Maine to California, I have seen some of the most beautiful places in America, and even though these places are breathtaking and aweinspiring, I love most deeply the nature
Renew 2023

Hasya Sagiraju

Newark Charter High School Environmental Justice     Who has the right to breathe clean air and drink clean water? Everyone. Environmental justice is not just an issue for scientists or activists, it’s a fundamental human rights issue that affects us all. Access to clean and safe water is a
Renew 2023

Chelsea Wetherill

Newark Charter High School Web of Wonders Appreciating Nature Protecting our natural world is very crucial to our society. We need to carry out certain actions that will improve the environment and our lives. I’ve always enjoyed water and nature. The lush greenery and the marine life are subjects that
Renew 2023

Rhys Humphreys

Nature: Earth’s Glimpse What does perfection look like? In an attempt to solve this puzzling enigma, we have, throughout history, created a plethora of words in a plethora of languages. For example, the Greeks use τελειότητα, the Arabs say حد الكمال, and the Hebrews, וִֹכְלָה. Words though, are still nothing
Renew 2023

Ella Zhao

Newark Charter High School Web of Wonders   Preserving Webs of Wonder   Life is undoubtedly one of the most complicated, beautiful, and delicate aspects of our world. Whether it be the life of a human, a tree, or a bird- the power of life is remarkable. Each organism is
Renew 2023

Xiwen Yang

Conrad Schools of Science Environmental justice   The Impact of Environmental Justice on Low-Income Populations Environmental issues have been a familiar topic in our lives since their origins in the 19th century and became more widely known in the early 1970s. To this day, each of us should be able

Lakhani: Trees and tornadoes reflective of larger global climate issues

By Raina Lakhani There is nothing in this world so inscrutable or evanescent, yet so instrumental, as life itself. The sole attribute that sets Earth apart from any other celestial body in our solar system is that it can sustain life on a global scale. Countless factors have aligned perfectly