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2022 Reflective Essays on Nature, Earth
their Wonders Excerpted Quotes

Julia Rial

Sussex Academy

As we held up our signs and listened to our peers demand action, I become overwhelmed with a sense of relief and belonging. In that moment, our message became clear. The youth of our state is not going anywhere. We will continue to advocate for change and challenge our politicians until we are old enough to fill their seats.

Isabella Anderson

Caesar Rodney High School

Words will not stop the sea from swallowing us. Words will not go back and un-poison our bloodstream. We must have action. We must have justice, and until we do, the young people will not stop marching.

Aanya Gupta

Newark Charter High School

These companies, while in the process of manufacturing, can pollute the air, soil, and water, but they aren’t the ones being impacted by it. People living in communities nearby face the wrath of the companies’ actions. They didn’t play with the fire, yet they are still gettingb burned. It’s already unlikely that those community members get a say in what goes on where they live, but it’s even more unlikely that even if they did, something would be done about it.

Gabriel Fennemore,

Home Schooled

We were born into an economic recession with wars overseas on a melting planet led by corrupt leaders...We must raise our voices. It is the lawmaker’s duty to speak on behalf of the people and for the benefit of the people, and if the voices of the people are loud enough, their echo will be heard in legislation hall.

Anaum Allimulla

Newark Charter High School

As I closed my eyes, I could feel the light breeze on my eyelashes, and I realized. Every part of the environment, whether here or thousands of miles away, is connected in some way through what can be called the web of life…Though the specific location may have different plants or animals or habitats, the most common feature of every natural place is the feeling that one experiences when you truly appreciate it for all its intricacies and simplicities.

Jon Dong

Tower Hill School

I have been told first-hand by staff for government officials that our voice, youth’s voice, is extremely valued by senators and representatives because we provide a new insight into climate change not found in any other generation. As youth, we must acknowledge our power and use our education, our understanding, and our privilege to advocate for change from those in power.

Irwin Wang

Cab Calloway School of the Arts

Reflecting on horseshoe crabs: I have realized how critical biodiversity is, not only for the sake of organisms depending on each other but how each organism has its own niche and how we can learn and benefit from the millions of years of evolution and incorporate them into our society.

Aurora Fennemore

Home Schooled

Providing youth with accessible ways to explore and appreciate nature is vital in creating a passion to protect it…Being taught about taking care of where you live from an early age is very essential, we need more free opportunities to learn about it.

Ayden Hayes

Dover High School

Changing minds creates conversation. Conversation creates a movement. Eventually, this movement creates change…The planet will be alright. It will survive. It always finds a way. We won’t be so lucky.

Madison Mitchell

Polytech High School

It is essential that the youth is made aware of these climate issues so that they may be educated and contribute to changes that must be made. They can’t be a part of the change if they don’t understand what needs to change.

Shaurya Kumar

Caesar Rodney High School

Environmental justice means that rather than people facing the repercussions of other people’s actions, the people who are the contributors, specifically to the suffering of the environment and the people around them, should be held accountable…As Delawareans, we must act toward preventing these consequences from hitting our own citizens, and the only way to do so is to include environmental justice within our climate activism…

Sofia Abraham

Newark Charter School

75% from the (Yale Climate Communications) survey would like to know more and would also support educating children in schools about climate change…In Delaware, students can advocate for climate change through protest that include multiple other schools and advocate Delaware’s Department of Education to implement climate change programs into schools to raise awareness.

Edwardo Carmine

William Penn High School

…we should appreciate how much the planet has given to us because we live here, and it’s our home planet. It’s like a gift we received, and we should take care of it. However, if we keep deteriorating Earth, it may not be hospitable for us anymore…

Dylan Carter

St. Georges Technical High School

If we want to move any further as a population, we need to learn to embrace the diversity present in different races, genders, religions, sexualities, and social classes. By understanding more about those who are different than us, we can unite, strengthen, and fix our world. This is the vital role that environmental justice plays in our system of activism.

Miriam Patel

Newark Charter School

The environment a person lives in should be a healthy and secure place for them and should not have any negative effects on health, so keeping track of environmental justice is crucial to everybody.

Srijay Chenna

Charter School of Wilmington

Yet it is important to care – not only because it is a moral obligation but because equality in climate activism traces back to equal opportunity. By increasing equal opportunity, an influx of new perspectives and ideas in society help strengthen the societal structure of today and the way our democracy functions on the basis of all Americans.

Anavi Chintam

Newark Charter School

When most people think of climate change, they think of the future, and the problems that occur in the said future because of climate change…The thing is, though, it’s not only the future that is going to be impacted, there are people right now who are being affected every single day.

Asmita De

Charter School of Wilmington

For me, nature is unyielding, yet fluid; gentle, but ravenous; both vibrant and modest. Yet one thing in nature is constant: its ability to give us strength. Ever since a life-changing day where I experienced one eye-opening attitude of nature, I have always known the natural world as healing.

Yainni Gilmer

St. Mark’s High School

Putting our differences aside and working together will make the world a better place for everyone. Environmental justice should be a defining element of climate activism in Delaware so it can continuously show that fair treatment is the only way there will be positive change for everyone.

Mukta Kantak

Charter School of Wilmington

Advocacy holds perhaps the most importance in solving the climate crisis, since it urges companies and lawmakers to have accountability and take action, which has direct impacts. However, raising awareness within our communities and educating ourselves on our world enables us to advocate in the first place.

Sarah McMann

St. Mark’s High School

I belong to that beautiful world, as all people do. We all seem to forget that nature isn’t just something to look at through the window. It’s an experience, and a huge part of all of us… The natural world is the most magnificent thing that mankind never created, and like us, it can never be owned by anyone.

Veronica Sanchez-Wright

Charter School of Wilmington

They (the youth) see the importance in acting now and having rewards in the future. With climate change there is no time to spare and the action that needs to be taken has to be taken now before it is too late.

Carroll Finnigan

Charter School of Wilmington

I may not have been directly affected by any environmental injustices, yet I still witness these issues on most days…When corporations, and even occasionally governments, lead to certain people living at disproportionately lower standards than others, whether indirectly or directly, I feel that there is always something to be done, something to advocate for, until a stronger equity is achieved.

Austin Sarker-Young

Wilmington Friends

This crisis is real. This crisis is here in Delaware…The power of youth alone cannot be a panacea for this situation. But we, the youth, have a special capacity to create dialogue with adults to enact real change at the local level…My message to leaders is this: history is shaped by us!

Riya Sharma

Middletown High School

Every summer to date, my mom and I have seen the ‘web of life’ right before our eyes in Delaware. Visualizing the same seeds that my mom placed in my hands which I then set in the soil, growing into delightful flowers and vegetables, brightened our lives and relationships…I realized that this is just not a hobby. It is a beneficial activity for your relationships and association with nature.

Alanna Denault

Newark Charter School

…journaling inspired a connection to nature that wasn’t there before. I see art and creativity in nature that I would otherwise overlook. The way I interact with nature has been forever changed by this new passion. It’s given me a new connection to something larger than myself, something to be cared for, and something to be reckoned with.

Ritisha Sarbajna

Newark Charter School

As a student in high school, I can regretfully say that I have never once heard the term “environmental justice” at any point during my education. Upon researching the topic, the term has sprouted a seed in my mind, which will hopefully grow to branch out and inform others of the situation it concerns.

Sandhu Sivasankar

Newark Charter School

…the environmental issues in India have expanded my views on the issues back in Delaware. As an American citizen, I strive to feel a duty to provide for areas that also have poor air quality within Delaware, my home…Following the teaching of ahimsa, we need to form a community to protect the Earth and webs of life that connect us all together.