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Energy Conservation

House of Faith

DeIPL is here to assist your house of faith learn how to save energy, which saves money and helps lower climate change causing pollution. The surest way to learn about energy savings opportunities is by requesting an energy audit through the Faith Efficiencies program from Energize Delaware. Details can be found on this website or request an energy audit from Energize Delaware at

For more information, Or contact Shweta Arya, Executive Director at,  614-216-3744

Whether you get an external audit or do it yourself, the following guide will be invaluable to help you plan, evaluate, and make energy saving actions.

Energy Star Action Workbook for Congregations this workbook can serve as a resource and planning guide for clergy, staff, and laypersons at houses of worship who want to increase the energy and water efficiency of their facilities by implementing realistic and cost-effective improvement projects. You may want to consider hosting an Energy Treasure Hunt at your congregation where teams walk around a building looking for quick ways to save energy which can add up to big savings. Please find the Energy Star Treasure Map here for a download copy to use in your treasure hunt’.

Additionally, we recommend forming your own Stewardship Team, also known as a Green Team, which is a core group of people in a congregation who are committed to raising awareness about the urgent need to protect God’s Creation and to work for environmental sustainability and responsibility. Green Teams concepts and suggestions may be found in the Action Workbook, or also be found in a writeup by the Episcopal Diocese of Western MA at


For Energy Savings at Home, our energy partner Energize Delaware has several options that are easy to arrange an will save you energy and money. The program descriptions may be found at For more information, Please contact them by calling 877-524-1339.

For do-it-yourself options, the EPA has a great resource of choices at These include tools for Home Energy Assessment, Home Improvement options for insulation, heating and cooling, lighting, appliance selection and contractor finders.