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Ella Zhao

Newark Charter High School

Web of Wonders


Preserving Webs of Wonder


Life is undoubtedly one of the most complicated, beautiful, and delicate aspects of our world. Whether it be the life of a human, a tree, or a bird- the power of life is remarkable. Each organism is valuable and precious. And these existences all cohabit this world, connected. There is a balance in oneself, with others, and within our ecosystems. A fellow human being is linked to their peers, a flower to a bee, a parent to their child. This never-ending list continues on and on. Actions can also inherently bring about various outcomes. The burning of fossil fuels disrupts ecosystems, just as companionship builds unbreakable bonds. This complex mass of intricacies forms webs of life that are worth protecting. 


I’ve always been inspired and amazed by how interconnected everything is. It leaves me in awe- but it also frightens me. The support this connectedness brings about could turn into its downfall. If an issue springs up, the immediate recipient wouldn’t be the only one burdened. It truly shows the significance of the natural world and the power of all organisms. To be able to witness the many cycles of life is a privilege. I’ve always felt that it is an honor to have a place in these delicate entangled fates. It is thus our duty to preserve the equilibrium. The stability of the world is threatened by the current harmful practices of mankind. The technology and social issues of today upsets ecosystems and communities. The realization of how human actions connect to everything fuels me to make change. Communities are threatened by hate and crime, bodies by poor standards of living, and ecosystems by human activity. These intricate webs of life this Earth is constructed of will collapse one day. After these things affect each other, all will fall into ruin. Knowledge of such matters makes me want to protect the multiple beings currently suffering.


However, accomplishments of this scale can’t be done alone. We need to make others realize how important it is to take action, and show them how much the world and its people are suffering. It is crucial to inform everybody around us of the unfair treatments people undergo, the struggling environment, and the actions they can take to help. Although overwhelming, a united front will create a dent in current problems and aid preorganized efforts. We must tell them the little things they can do- like the acts of saving water, being kind, recycling, and etc. Small acts of progress hold profound significance. For the intertwined fates in these webs of life, every little step forward is a leap into the future.