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Edwardo Carmine

Posted on June 19, 2022 at 6:44 pm

Edwardo Carmine

Environmental Justice: Why Everyone Should Participate

Essay by: Edwardo Carmine

If you stumble across junk littered on the ground or when you smell poor air quality, what would you do, and how would you feel in situations like this? Some people would act against environmental injustice. However, people wouldn’t be aware nor care about what is truly happening to our home planet. And to add insult to injury, our world is undergoing a holocaust of natural disasters and is on the verge of the insufferable event of World War 3. But there is still hope for humanity to prosper, which is why some humans have chosen the path of environmental justice. And here’s why we should all participate in helping our unstable planet.
The first ever Earth Day was on April 22, 1970, and its purpose was to protect the environment from potential dangers. Earth Day became a sensation for people who care enough about the blue ball to do what’s best for the planet and its inhabitants. With many people protecting the habitat, many animal species have witnessed a change in the landscape. It became clear that things were on the right track when Earth Day came along. However, as years passed, the blue ball looked a lot different than it used to. The Aral Sea had lost its water over the decades, the Amazon Rainforest had shrunken down, pollution had taken over the air, and the unforgettable Chornobyl accident had eradicated most of its surroundings. Some wars also sabotaged the peace of nature, and nature had backfired on us with gigantic hurricanes and cyclones, devastating earthquakes, and volcanoes bursting with anger. Despite what humans did to the planet, the blue ball seems to show nothing but despair to the selfish and negligent individuals that destroy it. However, humanity still wants to recover the landscape through environmental justice, and the good news is that this will slowly heal the Earth. We should appreciate Earth Day because it encourages us to help our planet avoid potential threats.
Environmental justice should be a defining element of climate activism in Delaware because if we look at our home planet, we should admire how beautiful the environment truly is. Nature holds many plant and animal species that reside here because it’s their home. The blue ball has even provided us with basic needs, such as food and water, and we should appreciate how much the planet has given to us because we live here, and it’s our home planet. It’s like a gift we received, and we should take care of it. However, if we keep deteriorating Earth, it may not be hospitable for us anymore, and we might die due to humanity’s problems. There is a 6th mass extinction unfolding if we continue to rot our home planet, and we will cease to exist. But if we show Earth the care that it needs, then it’s likely that we will live a lot longer. Due to humanity choosing to stop environmental injustice, forests will begin to recover, and animals will live in more habitats, as studies have shown.
The United States Environmental Protection Agency, which is an organization that focuses on protecting the environment, has been working on a more eco-friendly effort to try and help out our terrains and oceans, and that is making laws and regulations. These regulations have played a crucial role in the company’s purpose because many nations have signed policies to focus on eliminating potential threats to the Earth. The Clean Air Act, for one, attempts to maintain clean air.
Overall, environmental justice is crucial in today’s society as participating can result in a much cleaner planet.


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