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Dylan Carter

Posted on June 19, 2022 at 6:38 pm

Dylan Carter

Our population has been placed in the path of an incoming global crisis. To make amends and help fix this potentially world-ending outcome, we have to band together regardless of our previous issues. This is what the idea of environmental justice means to me. It is our only solution to the ever-worsening threat of global warming and climate change. To me, environmental justice is the idea that can unify, improve, and save both Delaware and the world.

Firstly, environmental justice helps unify our erratic opinions and ideas about climate change solutions. Currently, we have thousands of varying means and ideas on how to better our planet through different solutions. While this individuality helps spark thousands of new ideas, it can be problematic when attempting to put these thoughts into a movement. To help better unite our unique plans, I think that it would be best to collaborate and discuss these projects with environmentalists who come from different backgrounds. As environmentalists begin to interact with one another, they learn to better respect and enjoy each other’s viewpoints, strengths, and ideas. As we talk with others, we improve at what we can accomplish, and we’re able to better understand one another. Through this synergy, we help create wildly new and practical solutions that benefit all parties involved. 

As we unify these ideas, it can improve the impact that each of our movements has on both the state and global levels. The solutions created by the varying collectives of different environmentalists are much stronger because they relate to more people. These solutions draw more people into our goals as they realize that both they and environmentalists share a common understanding of an issue. When more people help work to accomplish a goal, it’s completed faster and with a stronger effort. Through this understanding, we’re able to increase both the effort and the effect of the solutions that we’ve created, better-improving Delaware and the world. 

With these united efforts, I believe that we can save Delaware and the earth from the devastating effects that global warming is creating. As the world’s natural temperature begins to increase, arctic regions like Antarctica and Greenland’s large surplus of snow/ice melts and drops into the sea. This melted slush, now water, increases the water levels of seas all around the world. As sea levels rise, a greater threat looms for regions all along the coast, specifically Delaware. These regions often can’t afford the drastic costs of flood-prevention architecture and are slowly brought more and more into the ocean. As a Delaware resident who lives near the coast and has family/friends who live near the coast, this issue terrifies me. Fortunately, this issue isn’t a certainty if we’re able to act now. By uniting the population of our state on the approach to this issue, we can help begin a movement to help save all coastal regions of the world. Environmental justice is the key to protecting our state from the worst effects of global warming.

If we want to move any further as a population, we need to learn to embrace the diversity present in different races, genders, religions, sexualities, and social classes. By understanding more about those who are different than us, we can unite, strengthen, and fix our world. This is the vital role that environmental justice plays in our system of activism; it’s our deus ex machina. Although it may not be easy to unite the world on their stance on diversity, it is imperative that we try. This single idea of better understanding those around us is what can kickstart beautiful things in all fields, especially environmentalism.


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