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Climate Conversations

We believe in the interconnectedness of all life and, therefore, feel responsible for caring for the wonders of Creation. In caring for Creation, we care for ourselves and honor the Creator.

In living rooms and classrooms, boardrooms and libraries, community centers and fellowship halls—anywhere people congregate—we create opportunities to openly, candidly and respectfully discuss climate change issues. We create platforms to share individual beliefs, confusions, observations, fears, and hopes. The motive is to collectively explore practical ideas and available resources for creating a healthier planet.


  • point.png Raise public visibility & individual consciousness.
  • point.png Encourage open, respectful dialogue among diverse audiences.
  • point.png Explore ways of talking about climate change and related issues that are less divisive and political and more unifying and practical.
  • point.png Identify areas of shared concern.
  • point.png Create/identify images and messaging to inspire deeper understandings, broader visions, bolder actions, and renewed hope.
  • point.png Provide resources to support those actions.
  • point.png Support/boost ongoing conversations and active engagement.


Our planet is primarily heating due to our activities. Emissions of greenhouse gasses are at their highest levels in recorded history. Recent reports from various sources, including Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and National Climate Assessment, have provided convincing evidence and alarming projections requiring bold, creative, and collaborative actions.

Disturbing new images appear daily now. Ice caps melting, sea levels rising, towns and cities drowning, and flooding increasing. We see shorelines retreating, extreme weather events advancing, and wildfires engulfing larger areas more often. Coral reefs' bleaching, species extinction, uncontrolled spread of disease, food and water shortages, and growing refugee numbers are regularly in the news.

Unfortunately, more likely than not, those suffering the most significant effects of these impacts are those least responsible for causing them.

We can see effects right here in Delaware's eroded beaches, flooded neighborhoods, damaged farmlands, worsening coastal flooding, and increased salt levels in critical estuaries and aquifers. We have more extreme heat days. Our growing season is being affected, as are migratory patterns of the birds and waterfowl that delight and sustain us and attract tourists from home and abroad.

We consider climate change the defining moral issue of our times—challenging our understandings, calling ever more profoundly on our testaments of faith, our reservoirs of hope, our shared humanity, and inspiring us to action.

Our world is changing, and we are changing it. LET’S TALK ABOUT IT!

For complete details on the Climate Conversations program, contact :
Shweta Arya
Executive Director
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