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Chelsea Wetherill

Newark Charter High School

Web of Wonders

Appreciating Nature

Protecting our natural world is very crucial to our society. We need to carry out certain actions that will improve the environment and our lives. I’ve always enjoyed water and nature. The lush greenery and the marine life are subjects that I find very interesting. I love the water, and the sea animals that live in it. I’ve always wanted to learn more about how marine animals have evolved and how their habitat affects them. There’s so much ocean to explore and I want to be a part of that. Whether I’m in the laboratory, out on a boat, in the classroom, or abroad, I want to explore everything that this career has to offer me.

I’ve always loved the water, since I was very young. I’ve always loved going to the beach with my family and friends. I also enjoyed going to the aquarium, where I could learn about the various types of marine life and their own individual environments. I’ve always enjoyed Biology, learning about life and how habitats can affect organisms. It’s a science that I’ve excelled in greatly and one that I truly enjoy. Since 2019, I’ve been involved in my school’s Marine Science Club, where I would help with clean ups in parks and beaches. In addition, I’ve brainstormed ideas for field trips, after-school events, and club exclusive events. I really want to get serious about having a career in Marine Biology, since it involves two things I love, science and water. Science has always been a favorite subject of mine, and I want to go further in the Marine aspect of it.

My main goal for achieving success in Environmental Science is to have a greater understanding of marine life and how their environments affect them. I want to interact with the animals and create a good relationship with them. I want to be respected in this field and educate people on the importance of sustainability and care for our ocean ecosystems, including organisms who inhabit them. To be able to make friendly relationships with other marine biologists and scientists would be crucial for me to become successful in this science. I want to become highly experienced, so that I can share my profession with people in my community and in various countries throughout the world

To conclude, I want to get myself involved in research, while interacting with various types of ocean life. At some point, I would love to work in environmental security and sustainability. Animals should feel secure in their habitat, without worrying about humans or other animals hurting them. By working towards these accomplishments in my life, I will create strong relationships with people and animals involved in this field. I want to be a role model to people, using my dedication to marine life and the environment. Over these next few years, l’lI work to become active in Marine or Environmental related events. Upon my graduation, I plan to give back and provide support to students who would like to pursue this field. I can also provide and assist in workshops, where students can get hands-on training. Another goal of mine is to have a clearer understanding of the environmental aspect of our world. Working to protect animals and their inhabitants are actions that are very important to me. By fulfilling this goal, I can educate others on the importance of these subjects.