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Aurora Fennemore

Posted on June 10, 2022 at 2:42 pm

Aurora Fennemore

     Youth are the future and together they can help preserve the planet.  People need to be taught about the ongoing problem of climate change, and what they can do to be part of the solution.  My own interest and passion for the environment started in my own back yard.  I played outside, went kayaking and hiking to see birds and nature.  This made me care about conservation, animals having homes, and the need to take care of our world.  Providing youth with accessible ways to explore and appreciate nature, is vital in creating a passion to protect it.  Many state parks have programs that teach about the importance of the environment, unfortunately those programs aren’t always free.  Being taught about taking care of where you live from an early age is very essential, we need more free opportunities to learn about it. 

     I live by a lake and farms. In my short life, I’ve seen a pointless road built through farm land, and a factory built on it.  Factories and vehicles tend to release toxic materials and gases into the air adding to the issue of climate change.  Typically, plans to build are kept very quiet, and by the time you find out about the plans, it’s already been built.  I believe that there should be more transparency when it comes to construction.  There should be an opportunity to question and protest what is being built. 

     So, what can youth do to solve these problems?  We can call and write to our local representative and demand change.  Youth are the future of this world and it’s important to listen to their needs and requests.  Youth can educate other youth about the problem!  Instead of driving to a movie with your friends, take them on a hike, and teach them about the environment.  Technology is a very big part of this generation, youth can use social media to shine a light on the problem of climate change.  Post daily tips that others can follow to become more environmentally conscious. When looking at the problem of climate change, it can seem overwhelming, but if everyone is doing their small part, POSITIVE CHANGE can occur.


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