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Asmita De

Posted on June 15, 2022 at 12:45 am

Asmita De

Compared to the rest of our world, we humans seem so small. We are just a portion of the entirety of the world and all of the wonders it holds. There is so much more than us, from the creatures that make up the skies to the oceans to the jungles. This is nature. For me, nature is unyielding, yet fluid; gentle, but ravenous; both vibrant and modest. Yet one thing in nature is constant: its ability to give us strength. Ever since a life- changing day when I experienced an eye-opening attitude of nature, I have always known the natural world as healing.

Around last year, my family and I were returning from a long day of shopping at the mall. I was hoping to buy a new phone since I had been using the same one for four years; to me, it had been long overdue. As my father was driving himself, my mother, and I back to our house, it had begun drizzling. Naturally, none of us thought much of it. Back then, I was too occupied with my new device to notice the rain. However, the rain suddenly began to grow in strength until the pelting drops on the windshield were loud enough to capture my attention. My father could barely see the road ahead of him, so he gradually slowed our car down. Abruptly, our car began to skid on the cold and wet road so he pulled over until he and my mother deemed it safe to drive again. We were stuck in the middle of nowhere. My mother decided to make the most of the situation and started telling me another story from her childhood back in India. She and her sister would play outside in the rain during the incomparable monsoon season. They would stay outside until they were dripping with the warm precipitation. I jokingly asked if I could stand outside while we waited; however, I never expected her to actually consider my seemingly absurd request. My guess is because we had bought new towels at the mall just minutes before. Soon enough, I was standing beside our white car as the rain beat down on me. It was at that moment that I noticed the silence encompassing me.

The more I focused on the sound of the rain pattering, the less I could hear from the rest of the world. I was alone with the comforting rain. I felt relaxed; I had attempted to run away from the rain my entire life, but during that day, the rain became something that gave me inner peace. I had begun to wonder about all that I had missed out on by trying to live a materialistic life of comfort filled with new iPhones and air-conditioned vehicles, only sticking to what I was already familiar with. Being drenched in the cold droplets had woken me up. I realized that there was more to the world than manmade luxuries. Before then, I had been excluding nature from my life. I did the bare minimum to integrate the natural world into my lifestyle. Ever since my wake-up call from the rain, I have made a promise to myself to do more with nature, gaining true acquaintance with it however I can. Now, I use less technology and take a walk outside daily, simply to sense the flora and fauna. I have been trying to consume less meat and I use my bike a lot more. The little things add up and truly enhance our existence in this world and our relationship with the web of life. My life- defining experience has made me into a new person. I owe it all to that rainy Sunday.


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