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Anavi Chintam

Posted on June 19, 2022 at 6:45 pm

Anavi Chintam

Environmental justice is a term used to describe a person’s experience to the negative aspects of the causes of climate change, and it can mean a lot of things to multiple types of people. To one person it’s just another problem in this world, to another it’s something they need, something that should be given to them. Some people believe that environmental injustice is just a byproduct of our economy, and that nothing should be done to better or worse it. To me, environmental justice is something that I believe everyone should have the right to. People who experience it environmental injustice everyday just shouldn’t, with the immense technology that we have, the solution should be easy, to either move people to a better location, or to move the cause.

Delaware is small, but it does have its own share of dumps and factories. I myself have seen some of these factories and dumps, there’s one near a trail that I bike on regularly in Wilmington, and although small, it still has an impact on the wildlife and people around it. There’s also a chemical factory that spans across a couple roads and buildings down in New Castle, all which have a communities around them. These people have been face to face with environmental injustice, though they may not realize. To me, this is a problem that should be spoken up about, it affects and endangers enough people to be a problem. No one should live in an area where their health is being risked. The fact that this kind of circumstance occurred to many people without their consent, and because of this people who live in these areas often end up with asthma, and an increases chance of cancer. People should have the have the right to a healthy environment, and the way that some people don’t have it bothers me a little. Writing and researching for this essay has helped me realize that I am lucky to have grown up in an environment where I don’t need to worry about my health being endangered.

People, when thinking of activism for climate change, I think should also think of the people who are affected by it, meaning people who face environmental injustice everyday. The first step to dissolving climate change should be to tend to the people who are affected by it the most. When most people think of climate change, they think of the future, and the problems that occur in the said future because of climate change like New York City being underwater in a couple years, or how the increase in Earth’s temperature also means more natural disasters in the future. The thing is though, it’s not only the future that is going to be impacted, there are people right now who are being affected every single day. Instead of talking about the future, the people who are being affected by it right now should be what everyone is most concerned for. In Delaware too, this is also the case, people advocate for what is not talked baout often.

To sum this whole thing up, the term environmental justice, to me, is something that everyone should have the right to, something that everyone should not have to be on the receiving end of its injustice. Environmental justice should also be talked about when speaking of climate change, as the people who face it are the people who are most affected at the moment, and forever will be.


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