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Ahshira Wilson

St. Elizabeth School, 10th grade

Web of Wonders

Word count 485

The Personal Connection to Nature

“Almost everyone I know has dreamed at some time of running away to a distant mountain or island, castle or sailing ship, to live there in beauty and peace.” A statement that was written by the author, Jean Craighead George of My SIDE of the MOUNTAIN. This children’s book is about a young boy who runs away from home to live in his grandfather’s mountains. Not only does the author bring out the beauty of the earth but to be one with nature and its presence. Which is a matter that we should stress more in our world; the connection of nature and your actions within it. 

Now in comparison to us as children, we most likely did something related to earth along with its inhabitants. Not as big as Sam running away but just as involved. Whether it be feeding the animals in a zoo with a big smile on your face or sitting on the playground, getting your hands wet with mud. We were more connected with the earth as children than we are right now. For the reason that there was a lack of inventions and the only thing for people to rely on was the earth. Houses, medicines, clothes, food and so much more came from the planet. All of these benefits have now been replaced with preservatives, enhancements, technology and more mixture of things that aren’t natural. At least while we have these things we should balance it out with nature instead of keeping it artificial.

The true reality of the world today is that we are very disconnected from nature and knowing that inspires me to be more involved. Not just for my better self but for the future generations. In the next generation, to help them understand their own relationships with nature, I want to create a book, specifically a children’s book. Since as I’ve said before, you are more connected to nature when you are young rather than as an adult. I want to write about the adventures you could have without the fakery of the world. The side of your life that only revolves around nature. For example, The Lorax talks about the importance of nature by using rhymes in its story to talk about the tree’s importance. Not only for what they are used for but how they affect the environment and the animals. 

This is the type of book that inspired me as a child to embrace the world and I want to give other children that same impact. Therefore after the book is written, I’d like to donate some proceeds to support educational activities and provide resources for future environmental school projects. Increasing the awareness and educational opportunities can support children’s personal experience with nature. Along with helping to open the young minds of children in creative ways to support the communities we live in and around. 

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