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Actions You Can Take

Planet Friendly Diet

Plant Rich Diet: According to the Drawdown Project, by adopting a Planet Friendly Diet, business-as-usual emissions could be reduced by as much as much as 63 percent for a vegetarian diet, which includes cheese, milk, and eggs. Check out the Protein Scoreboard compiled by the World Resources Institute.

Reduce Food Waste: A third of the food raised or prepared does not make it from farm or factory to fork and is responsible for roughly 8 percent of global emissions. Culinary Nutrition suggests that several ways to personally make a difference in “how To Reduce Food Waste + Best Zero-Waste Recipes”

Advocate for a Livable Climate

According to a survey from Yale Communications on Climate Change, the majority of Delawareans believe that our government can and should do more to address the causes of and adaptations to Global Warming. But many of the most alarmed of us aren’t sure of what to do. Here are a couple of ways to make your Delaware Representatives and Senators aware of your views.