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Our Mission

Working through faith communities and community partners, to provide a religious response to the causes and impacts of climate change.

We Believe

It is our moral responsibility to scientifically inform and spiritually deepen our understanding of our relationship with the natural world and to act on those understandings.

Our Goal

The preservation of a healthy and sustainable planet; and to equitably improve the quality of life of our families and our communities.

Sacred Grounds

Creating wildlife habitat and actively linking faith practices and caring for the environment as an important form of worship.

Faith Efficiencies

An energy assessment, energy savings and creation care program geared to faith communities and their members.

Carbon Dioxide

ss 417

parts per million

Global Temperature

ss 1.18°C

Since 1880

Arctic Sea Ice Extent

ss 13%

Percent Per Decade

Sea Level

ss 3.4

Millimeters per year

Ocean Heat Added

ss 326

Zettajoules since 1955

Upcoming Events

‘This is not a Drill’.


“Why Delaware Faith Leaders Can’t “Live in a State of Denial” About Climate Change”


Line Dancing Fundraiser – June 2nd from 3PM to 5PM, Lewes Senior Center