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Inhabiting Eden: Scriptural Support for Ecology

inhabiting eden coverA study group at Hanover Church in Wilmington recently read Patricia K. Tull’s book, Inhabiting Eden, offering scriptural support for ecology.  Delaware IPL asked Lorie Tudor, a leader in that group, to summarize the book. Your community of faith might also find it a good resource to stimulate discussion about faithful care of the planet.  Lorie’s  report follows:

In the book Inhabiting Eden Old Testament scholar Patricia K. Tull leads the reader through an exploration of Scriptures for insight and guidance on today’s ecological crisis. She points out how much the Bible has to say not only about how humans relate to each other but also about our relationship with the earth and with the animals and plants with whom we share it. She offers stimulating interpretations and examples and examines the impact of our decisions today on our descendants. In addition, the book provides well researched information on various ways in which we contribute to ecological problems: overuse of energy resources like gas and electricity, excessive consumerism, food production systems (including land use and factory farming), and toxic waste. It offers a biblical basis to think about our world differently while at the same time it encourages readers to consider ways to take action. Each of the nine chapters includes questions for discussion and suggestions for practice; a leader’s guide is available on the web site,, along with links to other resources and information.

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