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Earth Day/Every Day – resources to inspire and support taking action.

Joining hearts and minds and hands and voices.
Raising Hopes.
Creating a Climate for Action.


Worship: Help your congregation to integrate Earth care into worship with the resources available on this page!


Green space, gardens, local foods & farm resources!



Energy, Water, and Material Resource Savers 


Transportation Resources



Measuring your Impact: Find out how much you impact the environment as an individual or a family, then discover steps to reduce your impact.



Religious statements on climate change.


Faith and Climate Action Kit: A week of focused climate action centering around Earth Day. See this year’s event, and stay tuned for details on 2018!



Cool Harvest – a food, faith and climate program by Interfaith Power & Light, for congregations interested in responding to climate change through educating members about climate-friendly food choices and engaging them in activities that can inspire and have a positive impact.


Cool Congregations: The Cool Congregations Challenge, is an annual national contest to recognize Congregations that are becoming energy efficient and sustainable role models within their communities. Get ready to enter the Challenge in 2017!



Media (books, movies, and articles)



Kids CornerLearn all about ways to involve kids in Earth care within your community!