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Faith communities throughout Delaware celebrate release of Pope Francis’ Encyclical

This Encyclical, Laudato Si’ (“Be praised” or “Praise be to you”) explores the relationship between creation care, sustainability of the environment and concern for the poor — all foundational themes for the great religions of the world. It is the first encyclical in history to specifically address humanity’s relationship with the environment and, unlike any previous encyclical, was addressed to every person on the planet. (See DEIPL Press Release)

Check here for Faith Resources for the Papal Encyclical.

We are one of 40 state affiliates of Interfaith Power & Light, founded by the Rev. Canon Sally Bingham. We have 25 member congregations whot have made a commitment to offering a religious response to climate change and to the care-taking of Creation.

We consider our work – whether sharing scriptures, hosting workshops, distributing eco-kits, expanding green space, coordinating solar energy projects, creating partnerships or meeting with legislators – a moral imperative.  Our goal, ultimately, is to assure the preservation of a healthy, sustainable planet but, closer to home, to improve the everyday quality of life of our families, our neighbors and our communities.

We have a range of partners we work with on related projects such as church energy audits and the Heat Health Warning System. Please take the time to learn and get involved.

Why Delawareans, especially, should get involved.

One of the major expected outcomes of climate change is a rise in sea level due the melting of polar ice.  Delawareans especially should be concerned about this because our state has the lowest average elevation of all fifty states – sixty feet.  The Delaware shoreline will look very different in years to come. In the shorter term, changes in habitat due to beach erosion are already stressing local wildlife such as the Horseshoe Crab, a major food source for migrating birds, featured in this video produced by the Teleduction company based at Wilmington’s waterfront.

Delaware Interfaith Power and Light is working with religious communities to raise awareness of how our daily habits contribute to the warming of our planet, and to teach how we can live more responsibly.  Please like us on Facebook, tweet our blog posts, join in this effort!  Saving a planet is a big order!

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