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And consider this:

  • The first Earth Day celebration, April 22, 1970, has been called the largest demonstration in human history.
  • 20 million people across the US participated.
  • American Heritage Magazine named it, “One of the most remarkable happenings in the history of democracy.”
  • Legislatures from 42 states passed Earth Day resolutions to commemorate the date.
  • Congress closed its doors as politicians went home to attend or participate in local events.
  • Democrats & Republicans, rich and poor, factory workers and farmers, business leaders and labor leaders united on a common cause.
  • Launching the contemporary environmental movement, it is credited with leading to the creation of the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the passage of the Clean Air, Clean Water, and Endangered Species Acts.

Closer to home, our own legislature passed a resolution in 2015:

… WHEREAS, Earth Day is celebrating its 45th anniversary since its founding in 1970; and…

… WHEREAS, children are the leaders of the future and it is paramount that they learn the importance of ensuring a safe and clean environment; and…

…BE IT RESOLVED by the House of Representatives of the 148th General Assembly of the State of Delaware that we support the designation of April 22, 2015 as Earth Day…

…BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that all of Delaware’s citizens are encouraged to join the campaign to learn and raise awareness about Earth Day in the hope of achieving optimum health for today and tomorrow…


DELAWARE INTERFAITH POWER & LIGHT is one of 40 state affiliates whose shared mission is to provide a religious response to climate change. We consider our work a moral imperative, as we see climate change as the defining moral issue of our times. We approach that imperative through very practical strategies and partnerships – to reduce our energy use, promote cleaner energies, support green job creation, and save us all some money. Our goal, ultimately, is to assure the preservation of a healthy, sustainable planet; and, closer to home, to improve the everyday quality of life of our families, our neighbors and our communities.

FAITH EFFICIENCIES:  An energy audit, remediation and education partnership between DeIPL and Energize Delaware. The goals of the program are to lower energy costs, improve building operations, increase comfort levels, provide healthier environments and raise consciousness.

Contact Lisa Locke for more information, or 616.914.1597.

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